Friday, October 30, 2015

Memoirs of Reudan - Chapter 2

Realized I had never posted chapter 2 of Reudan's memoirs.  This takes him from his character background in chapter 1 through the first adventure session, and leads to his taking of the Priest path at level 1.  Chapter 3 detailing session 2 and the time after will hopefully be up soon.

Memoirs of Reudan - Chapter 2

It appears it's time for me to move on from Broad Oaks.  I've been able to make a decent living here for the past few months, but yesterday someone was asking around about people new to town, and I'm worried he was sent by the Faire to track me down. Luckily there is a caravan leaving shortly, hopefully I'll be able to tag along with them, I hear the town they are heading to Blackstone Ford might have some opportunities.

The next morning I pack up all my things into a sturdy backpack, and survey the small room I have stayed in.  Nothing left of mine here, and hopefully there is nothing here the Faire can use to track me.  I head down to join the caravan and start the walk to Blackstone Ford.

Some good fortune today on the road, one of my fellow travelers a dwarf (of all ancestries)  who is on this trek is also a follower of the New God.  It has been great to have someone to discuss the finer points of our religion.  I'm curious what Holgar's plans are when we arrive in Blackstone Ford as I would like to continue to accompany him.

There are several other travelers as well on our journey.  There is an orc by the name of Runt.  After spending so long among the Fairie his visage is jarring.  I don't know how common he is for his race, but they are very different from the elves I have known.  There is also a goblin, who calls himself Buckets.  I have no idea why he has chosen this name, it is quite strange to me.  I have several times noticed him telling partial truths to people with whom he is talking, I will be happy to part from his company.

There is also a kind older woman by the name of Sage.  She is very friendly, and seems to be wise in the ways of the world.  I am still learning much of how to live and survive without both the temple or the Fairie to shelter me.  Not that I'm complaining, I'm happy to be rid of the Fairie.

On our third day of travels we were ambushed by bandits.  I thought we were goners.  Thankfully the bandits were more interested in the loot of the caravan than they were killing us.  The previously named traveling companions and I were able to get most of the caravan workers and other passengers to flee into the forest, unfortunately most of the caravan guards gave their lives for this to happen, may Astrid watch over them on their journey to the next life.

During the ambush, Buckets coated himself in the gore of a dead guard.  This was very disturbing, I'm not sure why he felt the need to do this.  After we were away from the caravan, Runt did something to a small contraption he was carrying, and this is the first time I met Fox.  Fox is a clockwork, I have never seen one before.  I'm very curious to learn more about him.

Eventually we were able to stop and catch our breath.  Buckets cast a "spell" to divine which way we needed to go to Blackstone Ford.  This "spell" required some blood from Runt, which was very strange to me.  Then Runt climbed a tree and quickly overruled Buckets.   It's all very strange, I just don't understand why navigating a wilderness is so difficult, we should just be able to pick a direction and walk.

We traveled for the better part of the afternoon before noticing a tower in the distance.  We approached hoping to find a place to get a vantage point and see the surrounding area.  Unfortunately the tower was in rough shape, and we could not get any view from the crumbling roof.  I tried to make a comfortable campsite for my impromptu comrades.  

Then our respite was interrupted by the appearance of ghostly spirts.  These abominations are an affront to the New God.  As faithful followers it was the responsibility of Holgar and myself to assist these souls in moving on to the next life.  Holgar and I attempted to interact without avail.  Sage attempted to suggest a herbal remedy, but I was too agitated to listed to reason.  Shortly after searching the ruins, I found a glowing red dagger.  This was obviously a sign from the prophet Astrid to rid the world of these spirits.  

I took up the solemn duty entrusted to me by the New God to push these spirits on to their next life.  I plunged the dagger into the spirit, and then it attacked.  There was obviously a great evil holding these souls in this earth.  The spectre attacked me with a fervor, and as my companions were coming to my aid I fell to the spirits attacks, and then all was black.

Suddenly a light erupted into my vision.  The form of a woman shrouded in a bright light that hurt the eyes to look upon.  "You have been chosen my son.  Many trials have been placed before you, but your faith has never waivered.  Feel the power of the New God flowing through you, go forth and bring the light of the New God to those whose skin has not yet felt it's warmth."

My eyes opened and I blinked as I looked upon dawns early light.  

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