Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Memoirs of Reudan - Chapter 3

I awoke from my vision with a new sense of purpose.  I was now to be a servant not to men, but to the New God and his everlasting prophet Astrid.  I now knew that my actions the night before which had taken me so close to death were guided by the New God.  I was set upon this path and chosen to bring the light of the New God into the world.

I awoke to find my travelling companions beginning to stir.  "Yes even this is a fruit of the New God.  We have been brought together to perform great deeds within the world" I thought to myself. This group while not perfect to look upon was ready for greatness I could feel the will of the New God infusing my actions.

Then the bandits struck.  They approached out of the woods, several of us were surprised still rising from sleep.  I attempted to strike them down with the light of the New God, however it will take me some time to master my new blessings.  I then resorted to that which I knew well, as did the rest of my companions, and we were able to slay or drive off the bandits that attacked us.

Shortly after the skirmish my resolve to stay with this group was tested for the first time.  Sage knelt over the cooling corpse of one of the bandits.  She then drew the knife that had been instrumental in leading to my vision.  With it, she RAISED THE CORPSE, and made it do her bidding.  I am very disturbed by this development.  The New God teaches that each soul must be allowed to travel forth to the afterlife, and constructs prevent this from occurring.  I allowed myself to be talked down by Sage, as I didn't believe that the group should leave her alone in the wilderness if I forced us to separate.

This line of thought started me thinking about Fox.  I had only taken him for a sophisticated mechanical construct previously.  However, I now wondered if he too was an aberration to the New God.  Could there be a soul in that body?  Again this is another scenario that would bare careful contemplation and observation.

Eventually Runt and Fox were able to lead us back to the main road.  We then continued on our way to Blackstone Ford.  During a stop for lunch Fox disappeared into the wilderness, and then attempted to lie to us on what he found.  This again was disturbing to me, as if we are to reach our potential as a group I believe we must trust one another.

We followed a trail into the wilderness, and eventually came upon the house of a wizened woman.  She was able to make a herbal remedy that fixed many of our afflictions.  She also spoke of the bandit encampment that often threatened travelers on the road.  I wished to go and end this bandit menace, but the group insisted we head to Blackstone Ford first.

Once we arrived at the village, I was happy to see a temple to the New God, and to think that the prophet Astrid slept it in this very place, and strode upon this land.  I spent much time at the temple I spoke at length with Mother Hepp and Sister Vinda about my concerns about both Sage and Fox.  I also spoke to them about my vision of the prophet Astrid.  I was also able to do a few things around town helping Ms. Devlin at the general store.  It felt good to be serving others.

After we had been in Blackstone for a few weeks, I was able to convince a few of my travelling companions and some members of the town, that we needed to go forth and remove the bandit scourge from Blackstone Ford.  It was the will of the New God that we do so.  The group of us went out and confronted the bandits about their activities.  The bandits turned out to be nothing more than people who had lost their lively-hoods, and in doing so turned to a life of crime.  I began to preach to them about he ways of the New God, and how he will save and nurture them, if they follow his ways.

I think the bandits maybe ready to rejoin society soon, I'm not sure if the people of Blackstone are ready to accept them yet however.  I continue to trek out to their encampment several times a week to teach them in the ways of the New God.  I believe that they will make great servants of the New God someday soon.