Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I have a blog!

I'm finally taking the plunge, and starting my own blog.  I've toyed with this idea for quite some time, but since GenCon 2015 it has been on my mind quite a bit.  I had very gracious offers from many friends (Thanks +Dave Hanlon+Marc Plourde, and +James August Walls ), but ultimately I decided I wanted something where I could have my own voice.

Right now I'm not sure if I'll have any sort of regular posting schedule but I hope to get to one at some point.  Some of the things I am probably going to blog about:

  • Session Reports - (Strangely playing many games and GMing none right now) 
    • I am currently playing in a Savage Worlds Achtung Cthulhu campaign
    • I am currently playing in a D&D 5E Evil Character campaign
    • I am currently playing in a monthly Shadows of the Demon Lord campaign
  • Game Mastering tips and tricks, much of this will revolve around the Cypher System as this is currently my favorite game system to run.
  • Eventually I would like to post my experience with doing more gaming with my kids and their friends.
  • Sketching out an instant campaign.  Based a little bit around the Cypher System instant adventure idea, I have some thoughts about putting together several instant adventures into a linked "instant campaign" format.
Thanks for reading.

Game On!

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